Replay Forum[Azagh4l` vs. PoH|St0ne] Elben vs. MdW 1on1 SuM II(1.06) BT 2.4

28.05.2009, 22:07 - PoH|St0ne - Richter der Hölle - 833 Beiträge
[REPLAY=52]That cant be true, that i lose every game unhappy And when i win then my opponent does oos. Pls i need tipps for that game. I dont know what to do better :/ Pls i need tipps(game was ~40 mins)[/REPLAY]

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30.05.2009, 19:09 - Lov3 - Höllenspäher - 24 Beiträge
ok mate i watched the game and i think ur mistake was that u let him come to midgame without alot of problems u let him get lego early i think u should get archers earlyier and somewhere in latemidgame u should really made rangers instead of upgrading ur units u should upgrade rangers with fire cuz ur oponent wasnt smart enoigh to get horses horses own in that mu ur power usage wasnt the best either but u played a good game u should have won u couldnt finish and u let him come back that was ur mistake well played mate i will post a replay men vs elf later
31.05.2009, 12:09 - PoH|St0ne - Richter der Hölle - 833 Beiträge
Thx for ur tipps m8. I think ur right with the rangers cuz the normal archers (200 Ress) dont make good damage vs the archers of the elves. well...i will try to execute ur tipps in my next games.

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31.05.2009, 15:10 - PoH|Campin0 - Höllenanführer - 1102 Beiträge
this mu offhost sucks :P


31.05.2009, 18:27 - Lov3 - Höllenspäher - 24 Beiträge
PoH|Campin0 schrieb:

this mu offhost sucks :P

this my sucks for elf onhost or offhost tbh